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P-values, the other kind

I had to confirm this truly amazing tale I just head from a colleague of mine to believe it. He made important contributions to the […] treatment of erectile dysfunction, and is perhaps best known for an unusual scientific presentation at the 1983 Las Vegas meeting of the American Urological Association, where he removed his trousers to show the audience...

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P-values and why you should watch out

Very well written article on p-values and why they should be replaced as standard methods of estimating statistical significance. One researcher suggested rechristening the methodology “statistical hypothesis inference testing”, presumably for the acronym it would yield.

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Excellent: coffee and learning

[…] administering caffeine to humans immediately after memory encoding enhances consolidation, as reflected by improved performance in a memory test a day later. And by the way:

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Predator prey for the undead

Who thought that you cannot publish a book chapter on a Zombie takeover of the world was wrong. Looking around for simple examples on how populations of predators and prey evolve over time I found this article with instructive python/scipy code that draws a gloomy apocalyptic picture of what would happen if humankind ever where to face zombies. Not surprisingly...

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Acoustic cryptanalysis

This is not neuroscience, but still quite baffling. Did you know your CPU is possibly emitting sounds (at 10KhZ+) that reveal not only activity, but also which type of computations are performed? As has been demonstrated by Genkin et al., in the worst case, this can be used to actually snoop a RSA secret key from a computer decrypting texts...

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Bard Ermentrout @ SCNS

Just saw the revered, enigmatic and highly energetic Bard Ermentrout at the SCNS at EPF Lausanne. Besides being quite revealing on his early life hobbies and their effects on his sensory apparatus, he gave a hard to follow but interesting talk on how to perform a dimensional reduction of noisy oscillator neuron models. We formulate a phase-reduction method for a general...