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Excellent: coffee and learning

[…] administering caffeine to humans immediately after memory encoding enhances consolidation, as reflected by improved performance in a memory test a day later. And by the way:

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Predator prey for the undead

Who thought that you cannot publish a book chapter on a Zombie takeover of the world was wrong. Looking around for simple examples on how populations of predators and prey evolve over time I found this article with instructive python/scipy code that draws a gloomy apocalyptic picture of what would happen if humankind ever where to face zombies. Not surprisingly...

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Become a Git Pro

I have been using Git for a while now and was always wondering about some of its peculiarities. Currently I am reading the book Pro Git by Scott Chacon that one can download for free as a n epub under above link. A nicely illustrated read that answered more than one of my questions (e.g. what is particular function of HEAD?)....

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Neuromorphic hardware growing up?

In this study scientists from ETH in Zurich have constructed a robotic goal keeper using an asynchronous silicon retina. Similar to a frog’s eye the retina chip detects fast changes in the visual input and sends these as singular events via USB to a computer. Quick movement of an incoming ball entails a lot of such events which facilitates the...

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Evolution is power-law

I heard an interesting talk at the Salk institute today by Richard E. Lenski about time travel in evolution. What they did over the last 25 years or so is to track over generations a strand of E. coli bacteria. Going back in time means taking out a batch from the freezer while going forward in time means just letting...