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Bard Ermentrout @ SCNS

Just saw the revered, enigmatic and highly energetic Bard Ermentrout at the SCNS at EPF Lausanne. Besides being quite revealing on his early life hobbies and their effects on his sensory apparatus, he gave a hard to follow but interesting talk on how to perform a dimensional reduction of noisy oscillator neuron models. We formulate a phase-reduction method for a general...

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Multi-odor evoked ensemble dynamics

Extending on the milestone paper by Mazor & Laurent, this recently published study by Saha et al. investigates the antennal lobe dynamical odor representations that are evoked by adding a second odor stimulus on top of a background ongoing odor stimulus. Ensemble interference and partial overlaps ensue AND they correlate nicely with locust behavior. Main article @ Nature Neuro This is...

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Neuromorphic hardware growing up?

In this study scientists from ETH in Zurich have constructed a robotic goal keeper using an asynchronous silicon retina. Similar to a frog’s eye the retina chip detects fast changes in the visual input and sends these as singular events via USB to a computer. Quick movement of an incoming ball entails a lot of such events which facilitates the...

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Network reconstruction chooser

Are you also commonly confronted with the question which network reconstruction method/model to choose? This nice page gives you an overview of the features of different statistical approaches.

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Out now

Out now with probably the best timing with respect to the end of SfN. I have not looked at it in detail but also the Figures seem to have the right widths. A rare thing in PLoS of late. Synaptic Plasticity in Neural Networks Needs Homeostasis with a Fast Rate Detector

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Podlaski’s poster at SfN

Nice poster trying to categorize ion channel models… Also an interesting line up in terms of author list. I am also breaking the rule that taking pictures in the exhibition hall is prohibited.