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On the left-side bias of brain depictions

As demonstrated recently at SFN by Wilson et al., there is a clear left-hemisphere bias of brain depictions. […] An argument based on the prevalence of right-handed illustrators cannot explain the bias seen in photographs of the brain. Some colleagues have suggested that the bias reflects the left-to-right nature of English writing, but we find this argument less than compelling, especially given...

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SfN day 4

  The poster session onset is a lot more gradual and people including myself are obviously becoming weary of the extensive information intake. The first day everyone was in the hall at 1PM sharp.The animal rights activists have disappeared too, and you see more and more people sleeping during the sessions. I am glad when it’s over. It is simply...

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Podlaski’s poster at SfN

Nice poster trying to categorize ion channel models… Also an interesting line up in terms of author list. I am also breaking the rule that taking pictures in the exhibition hall is prohibited.

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SfN 2013 – It is going to be big

The poster is up and my feet already weary from crossing the main hall in the convention center. Does not seem to be the case for the animal rights activists outside. It is going to be interesting. And it is going to be massive.